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Design and Implementation of Students' Examination Result Processing System

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Question / Problem

It has been observed that the computation and compilation of students’ results with the use of manual and some general purpose software (off shell packages) is time consuming, creates fatigue and prone to errors. These have also been factors contributing to students’ failure and delay is sometimes inevitable. This study sought to encourage the use of customized computer packages and software applications which will improve accuracy in students’ results and academic performances. The researcher is interested in finding solution to the problem of interpreting students’ scores, grading scheme, credit point, and grade point average; implementation of a solution system for result processing can be done using Visual Basic programming language.


The new system was implemented using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 programming language. This is because the programming language has the advantage of easy development, flexibility and it has the ability of providing the developer and programmer with possible hints and it produces a graphical user interface.
Also Visual Basic supports modular programming and hence the research finds it suitable for the design of this software. The objectives of this study are:
1. To provide a reliable solution to result processing that is error-free.
2. To ensure that the output of a computerized results system is reliable.
3. To provide software that will process accurate and timely results.
4. To establish a framework for performance authentication in academia.
The input to the new system is derived from students’ examination score sheet. This record contains relevant information concerning student personal and academic records. The inputs are the processed to obtain the desired outputs. The output design was based on the inputs. The report generated gives a meaningful report to the management. The system designed generated the following reports.
1. Students semester result
2. Grades Obtained
3. Average Grade Point
4. Score Sheet
These outputs can be generated as soft copy or printed in hard copy.
This module only introduces the program title, client’s Label (Case Study) and some other necessary information relating to the software prompt to the users.

4.9 The Selection Menu
This is the menu that allows the authorized user (system administrator / operator) to select the results of the level and semester to be computed and compiled using the automation routine.

4.10 The Main Window
The main menu contains all the available commands and serves as a link to all other modules in the program. To access any of the menu command and items.

4.11 Print
Print command in the file menu contains the routine for printing results sheet.

4.12 Users’ Info

This is located on the menu bar as the help menu that constitutes necessary commands that displays useful information about this application.

The source code was referenced in the Appendix section of this re

Applies to

VB 2005

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