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Computer Technology Basics
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Trending technology in IT
Most awaring technology course excepted in the compaines

Computer Technology Basics
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How To Lock Drive in Window 7
User Want to Lock file and Folder in Particular Drive in Window-7

Computer Technology Basics
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Repetetion of some question in many exam
In some exams i have given some questions are repeated again.

Computer Technology Basics
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Manually remove the shortcut virus from USB
// @Author : Somasundar Kanakaraj // Date : 08-03-17 Manually remove the shortcut virus from USB

Computer Technology Basics
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Virus threat in hard disks?
Virus attack is one of the major problems that are faced by HDD. This problem occurs when the hard disk is attacked by a virus or malware program. It even spreads to other systems across the network. Your system may get virus from other media, external drives, network etc. If the user takes back-up of files that contain virus, then the system gets re-infected and results in hard disk failure.

Computer Technology Basics
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Corrupted files on hard disk
Sometimes, the files become inaccessible by the user as the operating system fails to boot up properly. The reasons for this could be shutting down the device unethically, closing the running program accidentally, power failure, use of corrupted software etc. All these things could potentially contributed a lot in corrupting the hard disk files.

Computer Technology Basics
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I forgot to backup my data
Unfortunately, backup is still an overlooked security task for many home users - until the day it is too late. Important documents, photos, music libraries and emails are automatically stored on your computer's hard drive, which is a mechanical and electrical device. When it breaks down (and it is when, not if) this data will disappear forever. Even if you have a warranty from the hard drive manufacturer, it does not cover your data, it only replaces the hard drive with a new one.

Computer Technology Basics
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I am intrested in computer works
my typing speed is slow

Computer Technology Basics
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Doctor of Business Administration Computer Resources and Information Management
The main Task of Life-never say Never!Not all Cases can be Done In Life-the Rest will Finish Descendants!!!

Computer Technology Basics
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new technology in every day in life
technology problem in every day by day life