Why RankSheet?

  1. Free Online Exams And Certifications
    Free Online Exams And Certifications
    • RankSheet provides a bunch of free online exams for candidates to evaluate themselves in .Net, C#, VB, Java, PHP, My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, HTML, Java script, OOPS, C++, Windows , Linux and more
    • RankSheet is just not a skill evaluation portal, candidates that qualify in the exams get 100% free certification.
  2. Dynamic Resume
    Dynamic Resume
    • Add your skill sets, do self ratings, take RankSheet assessments, upload resume, post solutions and do more to make your resume more attractive.
    • Get rid of static resumes, show how you are unique, build your resume in RankSheet. Make your resume available as a url.
  3. Get Hired
    Get Hired
    • Employers hire you directly from RankSheet based on your dynamic resume and your RankSheet certifications.
    • Participate in online assessments conducted by Companies in RankSheet.
    • Apply for jobs using your RankSheet account.
    • Follow the companies you like to work at and get notified about job openings and online assessments.
  4. Knowledge Network - Solutions
    Knowledge Network - Solutions
    • Get up to date with technology. Read problems and solutions posted by other RankSheet members and know how they solved technical problems in daily work and rate them.
    • Post the technical problems that you faced and how you solved the problem. Your solutions are viewed by others and you will get rated. Also solutions will be displayed in your dynamic resume.
    • Be a RankSheet certified specialist – Once you
      have completed 25 valid solutions in a particular
      subject, that you are certified in, you get a Specialist
      certification after verification.
  5. How We Are Different
    How We Are Different
    • RankSheet does not collect any fee from candidates, all the certifications are free.
    • Privacy – No unsolicited e-mails. Contact information is not shown in public profile. Further, control the visibility of your dynamic resume.
    • One account will help you access multiple companies’ career pages.