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  • How much is the registration fee in RankSheet?
  • RankSheet.com is a 100% FREE online exam and certification website. Users are not charged for registering on RankSheet.
  • How do I get a Professional certification?
  • RankSheet.com provides free certifications in different levels, a user can attend an online exam after registering as a RankSheet.com user for free. If you pass the online exam you will get a professional certification for that skillset.
  • How do I get a Specialist certification?
  • RankSheet.com provides free certifications in different levels. For specialist level, users, that are already certified as professionals, should post 25 valid solutions instead of writing exams. Based on the number of valid solutions posted by a user, user ratings, user views and RankSheet.com reviews the user will be certified as RankSheet.com specialist.
  • Can I invite my friends to RankSheet?
  • Yes, you can invite your e-mail contacts here - Invite friends
  • Where can I find the site map?
  • Find it here

Online Exam

  • How many online exams does RankSheet conduct?
  • RankSheet conducts online exams in various skills like C#, VB.Net, Asp.Net, Win form, SQL Server 2008 / 2005 / 2000 , My Sql, Oracle, Java, PHP, Windows, Linux, Citrix XenApp, Testing, Html, JavaScript, Web Master, Medical billing and more. We plan to constantly add more exams all the time.

Online Exam and Score

  • May I know my answers to the questions that I have attended?
  • RankSheet.com is a certification site and not a tutorial site. As per the policy, we cannot reveal the answers to the questions.
    You can write the same exam again 15 (fifteen) days from when you took the exam last.
  • How do I get my certificate after passing the exam?
  • After passing the online exam, click "My Certificates" under the Profile menu. Certification details will be displayed. Click the "View Certificate" link and you can directly print the certificate anywhere.

Merit List

  • My name is not on the merit list though I have cleared the RankSheet.com exam. Why?
  • RankSheet.com publishes the merit list on a monthly basis. For example, if you have passed an exam in January your name will be listed in the January merit list which is published in the beginning of Feburary and so on.
  • What is the use of being a Merit list candidate?
  • Employers can directly access the Merit listed candidate profiles to find suitable candidates according to the skills and marks scored by the candidate. It helps candidates find jobs and increases the chance of getting noticed by potential employers

Dynamic Resume

  • What is Dynamic Resume?
  • Your RankSheet profile is your dynamic resume where you can complete online assessments, display scores, add photo, upload resume, self rating, explain how you are unique, post solutions etc in a presentable manner. Avoid sharing word or pdf resumes and replace it by a url link.
  • What is Self Rating?
  • Self rating helps to rate yourself in areas like Programming skills, Management skills, Domain knowledge, Communication etc. RankSheet.com Self Rating allows you to graphically rate yourself, so your resume visually represents your strengths to employers.
  • What is "How I am Unique"?
  • It gives you an opportunity to describe yourself and how you are unique from your peers.


  • How to add RankSheet certification to my resume?
  • The instructions on how to add RankSheet certification to your resume are given here - Certificate logos


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  • For any queries please, Contact us
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  • You can unsubscribe from our new feature alerts either by checking "Unsubscribe new online exams / new feature alerts" in the Settings page or by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email received by you. We suggest that you do not unsubscribe from these e-mail alerts, as we send useful information about new related online exams matching your skill set.
  • How can I close my account?
  • Use the contact us page and inform us that you want to close your account. Also please mention why you would like to close the account. We will send you a link, to close your account. Remember that once you close your account, you cannot use the same e-mail address to create another account. In case you don't want to receive alerts you can unsubscribe from all alerts in the Settings page.