RankSheet Certificate Logos - Add Value To Your Resume

After passing any Ranksheet.com Free online exam, add the necessary logo to your resume and link the logo image to your public profile url. Whoever views the resume can do single click verification by clicking on the logo. Your profile url format is http://ranksheet.com/profiles/Username
     Replace the "Username" with your user name. If you have forgotten or don't know your profile Url just login and click the "Profile Settings" link from the menu and your profile url is under "Profile Url".

RankSheet Certified Professional Logo

To Add Single Click Certificate Verification

Step #1  Right click on the above logo and save the picture to your computer.

Step #2  Add the RankSheet.com certificate logo to your resume.
Step #3  Right click on the logo that you added to your resume and Choose "Hyperlink"
Step #4 Give your profile url in the textbox and click OK

Step #5 Now whoever wants to verify your resume can verify your certification by just clicking the logo.